"Possibly the oldest tradition in Spain"
Fest starts

Fest starts

When the night comes, the “diablos” of Almonacid del Marquesado get together to follow the tradition and history of this small village. First, they need to ask for permission to start the fiesta

La Candelaria

On the day dedicated to the Candelaria Virgin, the “diablos” get together in the early morning to start walking around the village. The most important moments are the procession and the face washing of San Blas

San Blas

The Diablos walk around the village in honor of San Blas. They take out his image during the procession and all the villagers and visitors alike, get a special feeling at this moment. In the afternoon, they say good bye to the fiesta. We will see them again next year.

San Blasillo

After two hard days, the “danzantas” dance around the village the traditional “paloteos”. Flageolet and drum music and the harmonious dances contrast with the stunning noise of the cowbells of the “diablos”

La Endiablada

La Endiablada Legend, sound, cowbells, dancing, and the special fervor and intensity of “the diablos” help us to evoke an old and lost world, one which we will try to investigate and find a possible explanation

Program for the fiesta

Program for the fiesta The program for the fiesta is the same as that which is given to us from the memories of our older population. Processions, the washing of the face of San Blas, “dichos”, cemetery visit, dances, etc. are its more colorful moments.

Historical Archive

Historicla archive The website´s objective is to create a historic archive of the celebrations of La Endiablada. You can find a lot of data here, like images, audios and videos.

The "diablos"

The Devils The “diablos” are a brotherhood that should be considered as the children of Almonacid del Marquesado. Their costumes and the dances are the biggest attraction of the fiesta. You can discover them here.

The "Danzantas"

The Dancers The “danzantas” are ten young girls from Almonacid del Marquesado who dance around the village with flageolet music. Their most exciting moments are the “dichos” in honor of San Blas and Candelaria virgin

About Almonacid

About Almonacid del Marquesado Come and meet our small village, its location, gastronomy, traditions and its population. Also you will learn about our history, which explains some of the traditions that we preserve.
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