In the festival of Almonacid del Marquesado, there are two principal groups of people who are totally different in their actions but both are complementary. While “diablos” wear an outlandish costume, make noise with cowbells and lack a unified rhythm,  the “danzantas” on the other hand wear beautiful and well-kept clothes, recite verses and dance following a rehearsed choreography. The striking jumps and dance of the “diablos” contrast with the rhythmic movements of the “danzantas” following the flageolet and drum music. These two groups, with all of their differences, make this festival a unique and exceptional celebration because we can find a perfect balance between that which is ordered and confused, outlandish and harmonious, divine and human.


Each of these groups has its own organization, rules, costume, manners and dances. We will try to show you them.

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